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The Healing Power of Visualization

I have learned not to underestimate the healing power of visualization.

I remember once treating a woman who was trying to have a baby but was suffering from amenorrhea (no periods). All the usual herbs and acupuncture were not working so I referred her to a GYN who tried a number of pharmaceutical interventions to no avail.

Finally in desperation I decided to try to use her own mind to effect her body. Each week, when she came into the Yinova Center for acupuncture, I asked her to visualize a different part of her cycle.

  • For the first week, during her acupuncture treatment she focused on imagining that several follicles were growing on her ovaries with one becoming a lead follicle.
  • The next week she spend the 30 minutes on the acupuncture table imagining ovulation. I showed her this picture from the Yinova blog to help her visualize what ovulation looks like.
  • The third week she imagined a fertilized embryo implanting into her uterine lining.
  • The fourth week she spent thinking about her uterine lining sloughing off.

Guess what? Three days later she got her first period in two years. No one was more surprised than me. Her mind had succeeded where Western and Eastern medicine had failed. On reflection I’m not sure why I was so surprised. Of course her mind was able to influence her body. When you think about it, it just makes sense. All of us have experienced this to some degree. I know that if I have a cold and I feel sorry for myself and wallow in it, I feel much sicker. As the ancient Chinese doctors wrote, “where the mind goes, the qi follows”.

I was so impressed that I began to use this techniques with a number of patients with some notable successes. For this reason Dr. David and I have included some guided meditations in our forthcoming book Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility. We have written detailed visualizations for each phase of a woman’s cycle which we hope you will use and find helpful.

Below is a general visualization for anyone, not just women who are trying to enhance their fertility. You can use it to address any health issue that may be worrying you. This is not meant as a replacement for conventional medical care but as an adjunct. A way that you can add the power of your own mind to other healing modalities that you are using. Being sick can be a powerless and out of control feeling and I believe that by harnessing the power of our will and participating in our own healing, we regain some power and a sense of control over what ails us.

  • Sit on a chair in a comfortable position with your feet touching the floor.
  • Inhale deeply, allowing your abdomen to expand. As you inhale, imagine breathing light into your body.
  • Exhale, pulling your abdomen in. As you exhale, imagine breathing out light all around you.
  • Continue breathing in and out this way until your body feels full of light and you can imagine yourself surrounded by light expanding out from your body by several inches.
  • Then turn your attention inward directing it to the area you want to heal. Find an image that works for you. Some of my patients imagine a laser beam clearing out stagnation, some imagine an inflamed area becoming icy and cold, some imagine little pac-men eating up debris and some imagine a giant vacuum hose taking away a problem.
  • Finish by imagining yourself under a waterfall. Envision the cleansing water passing over and through you, taking with it any problems, worries, or health issues
  • See yourself as healthy and vibrant.
  • When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes.

If possible repeat this every day for about 10 minutes. When I’ve done this myself I’ve been amazed at how much better I feel. I’d love to hear your own experiences.

Oh… and the woman who cured her own amenorrhea? With the help of acupuncture she was able to maintain a regular cycle and 5 months later she conceived. She is the proud Mom of a strapping baby boy and I received a lesson that I’ve never forgotton.

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