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Shift Happens: Navigating Change

Each of us may feel a bit like we have been in summer school these last months. We have been unlearning and re-learning how to Be in the world. Being human, we sometimes get lost in our expectations of what should be happening and where we should be by this time. All of these frustrations and judgments cloud our vision. It becomes difficult to see/sense the value and the purpose of where we are right now. To add to our discomfort, we have discovered that trying to make things happen or control external circumstances feels much like trying to shift the course of a river!

The results of our attempts to stop the shifts have been frustration, fatigue, self doubt and more. Very rarely do we see change as opportunity. Most people see change as an ending which makes it harder, more confusing and sadder. We perceive it as something to be feared. Nature has much to teach us about the purpose of change in our lives.

If we were to take a look at the Earth’s cycles, we may come to understand that change is part of the natural cycle of Life. The seasons give way to each other only to repeat the cycle again. The tadpole becomes a frog. The caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly and so on. Nature teaches us through her example that we have the innate ability to recreate ourselves over and over. What a beautiful gift! Change, when viewed from that perspective, is the catalyst that allows us to develop new skills and discover the inner tools for developing our potentials. Growth is an inside/out job.

The journey of the butterfly illustrates this process. Did you know that butterflies intentionally beat their wings against the cocoon to strengthen them? They are not struggling. Rather they are preparing for flight. Butterflies emerge from the cocoon when the wings are strong enough. One may imagine that we are in the cocoon state – still integrating lessons. We, like the butterfly, must learn to allow ourselves the gifts of quiet, creative space and time so that we can learn to work with the shifts instead of against ourselves. Like the butterfly, we will emerge stronger and more beautiful when we work inside/out.

Here are some gentle reminders to help navigate the shift:

  • Be Patient. No pushing the river. It will not speed up or go away because we want it too. The process will unfold in the manner that is best for your growth. Universe asks for your patience, faith, and your courage at this time. Nothing is occurring to keep you down. Rather, our challenges ask that we grow with them.
  • Be Still so that you can get clear. Fear scatters your energy – so stop to breathe deeply for several minutes. It will calm and center you. Spend at least 10 minutes in the sun to ground yourself and recharge your batteries. Vitamin D (the sun) nourishes the physical and emotional immune systems. It is Nature’s anti-depressant.
  • Be Gentle with yourself and others as you acclimate to the changes in your life. Change is unsettling and can bring up a myriad of feelings and memories. This can muddy our perceptions and influence our response to people/situations. Check in with yourself before you react. Sometimes we react to an old wound/fear rather than to the issue before us. Self- awareness is preventative medicine.
  • Practice Gratitude. It keeps us our hearts physically healthy, spiritually strong, emotionally open, and available to Life.

Life always provides us with the next steps. All of us have un-lived potentialities within us that have not yet revealed themselves. Change clears the ground for new growth to occur.

What new growth is ready to take root in this season of your Life?

As always, Blessings & Love!


It is a joy to be returning to Yinova in June!  I look forward to reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones.

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