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For when Motrin isn’t enough, some alternative-health experts recommend Chinese herbs to relieve menstrual symptoms. Evidence that herb cocktails can ease period pain is preliminary, but some physicians say herbs are worth a try.

The article includes extracts from the UK version of the book and an interview with Jill and Dr. David. The End of IVF?; Media: (PDF) Fertility Types

We treat a lot of teenagers at the Yinova Center and it makes me so happy that they feel comfortable coming in to see us and are able to use Chinese medicine as a way of taking care of themselves.

“Jill is a fertility goddess,” says Marisa Schwartz, a 39-year-old Brooklyn-based teacher who conceived two sons under Blakeway’s care after trying unsuccessfully for five years.

Jill named one of the top acupuncturists of 2005

The miracle of life became an inconceivable nightmare after one woman was implanted with someone else’s embryo through a botched in-vitro fertilization.

Now Carolyn and Sean Savage, who have brought another couple’s baby almost to term, will give the child up to his biological parents when he’s born in just a couple of weeks.

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