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New Year, New View!

Having a New Year’s resolution can be a helpful tool for self improvement … but it can also end up being super stressful, maybe even unnecessarily so. Hear me out! Yes, challenging yourself towards self-improvement can be a good thing, but with so many suggestions flying around, the “thing” that you need to improve on can start to get a bit murky.

It seems as if everywhere we look people are gearing up for 2019 by inspiring us with the mantra “New Year, New You!” as if we need to shed our ostensibly flawed selves and transform into some brand spankin’ new version. Well, guess what? We don’t think you need a new version of yourself, we like the way you are, right now. 

This year we think our focus should be less about reinventing ourselves and more on maintaining a happy level of self-care and love. However that manifests for you, we would love to be there for you. Here are some ways you can combine acupuncture, herbs, or massage with with an overall self care routine going into 2019:

For the person on a quest to create peaceful moments amongst the hustle and bustle:

Sneaking away to Yinova could be that very peaceful moment. Plus, with a specifically tailored herbal formula, we can help you keep that peaceful feeling going even when you’re not here. 

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For the person who is always tired and just wants to feel rested:

The reason for your fatigue might not be as simple as “you’re not getting enough sleep.” Now, that doesn’t meant that the reason behind it is something scary, either! It just means you may need to approach the why a little differently. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine look at the body as a whole, and by doing so can pinpoint exactly why your body isn’t getting the rest it needs.

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For the person who, in 2018, said to themselves “my body always hurts, this is just how it is” but is now reading this article and is feeling pumped and wants a pain-free 2019:

Both our bodywork and acupuncture team can help relieve muscle tension, soothe damaged nerves, and help manage pain.

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For the person who is thinking about starting a family:

Both acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been used for centuries to to improve fertility for both men and women. In fact, more and more scientific studies are being conducted, proving its effectiveness both on it’s own and in conjunction with Western medicine.

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For the person who wants to quit smoking:

Studies have found that acupuncture increases the likelihood that people trying to quit smoking would be successful.

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For the person who has no clue where to start, but just wants to better themselves this year:

Yinova’s acupuncturists are really great at spotting patterns of disharmony in the body and can help you smooth out the creases, so to speak. Oftentimes patients come to us for one reason, and end up feeling relief from multiple ailments they might not have even realized were there. 

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